Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Mortlach Sweet Shoppe

Summers in Caronport require a certain adventurous spirit (as you have seen in the previous post) and so we travelled to Mortlach, a small town just west of us, to see what they had to offer our hot, dust blown, prairie weary family. I wasn't expecting much, given the track record of attractions around here. But wasn't I surprised to find the Mortlach Sweet Shoppe, an adorable little store catering to those with a craving for anything sweet. When I first saw the red brick facade, I thought I was seeing a mirage. It was really hot out. But it was real! Our first visit was so wonderful and refreshing - I realized how much I had missed walking through all the cute little shops in Westdale, Dundas, or the Oakville lakeshore but the girls just liked the ice cream - that we have since visited our favourite little shop many times.

This store is truly a sight for sore eyes

Outside, the owners have set up an inviting little sitting area. Here Brooklyn and Roslyn are savouring the house specialty

Rosie is focused

Brook's favourite part of the experience is finding out what colour jelly bean she has at the bottom of her cone

No matter where you are, ice cream with those you love is pretty great. Here's to a successful Saskatchewan adventure. ~Mandy

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